Tuesday, April 7, 2009

She is now 18

Yesterday, Karen turned eighteen year old. So much has happened in 18 years. It has gone by so quickly. She has always been "our future lawyer" with her ability to debate. She is also the "tender heart" ready to hear of all her friends relationship issues. I am her Dad. I like being her Dad. 
Her future is uncertain. At one point I thought she would be that hard charging District Attorney, putting away the bad guys. Then I wondered is she would be the next artist of great renown. I will never forget her taking art lessons and coming home with a painting and I really thought the teacher had given her one of her own as a gift. But she really painted it - I am still amazed. The last thing she said she wanted to be was either a psychiatrist or a counselor. I do not know - I do know my kids have the ability to change their majors in college on a regular basis!
One thing has been a constant as I have prayed over her crib and ever since. That she would follow the Lord and allow Him to guide her steps. She has such a tender heart, a quick mind, tongue and temper. God can use them all.
I am proud to be her daddy!
She is also a pretty aggressive soccer player!


Holli T. said...

Happy Birthday, Karen! The possibilities for her future are endless.


B said...

Love my Kenny!! Happy Special Bday!! You are one awesome young lady. (FYI - Sean is still available.)