Monday, September 29, 2008

Chariot without Wheels

I have long used the prayers from the book, Valley of Vision to a aid me in my own prayer and devotional life. This prayer hit me like I had never read it before - but I know I have. Pray if with me and for me.

O Lord of grace, 
I have been hasty and short in private prayer, 
    O quicken my conscience to feel this folly, 
    to bewail this ingratitude; 
My first sin of the day leads into others, 
    and it is just that thou shouldst withdraw 
    thy presence 
    from one who waited carelessly on thee. 
Keep me at all times from robbing thee, 
    and from depriving my soul of thy due worship; 
Let me never forget 
    that I have an eternal duty to love, honour 
    and obey thee, 
    that thou art infinitely worthy of such; 
    that if I fail to glorify thee 
I am guilty of infinite evil that merits infinite punishment, 
    for sin is the violation of an infinite obligation. 
O forgive me if I have dishonoured thee, 
Melt my heart, heal my backslidings, 
    and open an intercourse of love. 
When the fire of thy compassion warms my 
    inward man, 
and the outpourings of thy Spirit fill my soul, 
    then I feelingly wonder at my own depravity, 
    and deeply abhor myself; 
    then thy grace is a powerful incentive 
    to repentance, 
    and an irresistible motive to inward holiness. 
May I never forget that thou hast my heart 
    in thy hands. 
Apply to it the merits of Christ's atoning blood 
    whenever I sin. 
Let thy mercies draw me to thyself. 
Wean me from all evil, mortify me to the world, 
    and make me ready for my departure hence 
    animated by the humiliations of penitential love. 
My soul is often a chariot without wheels, 
    clogged and hindered in sin's miry clay; 
Mount it on eagle's wings 
    and cause it to soar upward to thyself.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Great Day!

Tonight, after a great day near Lake Norman preaching at Northcross Church and having a great lunch with the elders of the Church at Chip and Tina Sneed's. We tried to get gas - it took forever to get 5 gallons because the pumps were so slow. All the pumps were being used and there was a line 2 and 3 cars deep. No more room at the station!
We finally returned home and Lynn continued her nap from the car, Rebekah wasn't feeling well and Karen retreated to her room. I checked to see if the Alabama football team was ranked higher - #2 in the land after visiting Athens, GA! So, with a smile on my face, I went fishing as the sun was setting. Cooler on the lake and we haven't had the air-conditioning on for a couple week to same money. Got a few nibbles and then - BAM!
I think this is the largest bass I have taken from Lake Tillery. (Don't worry, I released it after the picture. If I had caught 4 or 5 I would have eaten them!) I am not a good fisherman so to pull in a bigger one was a real thrill! After I got it in the boat it broke my line! I am guessing about 4 to 6 lbs! Well look how big it is!
Great day - I hope you had a great day too!
If you are one of my kids - post what is going on with you in SC or Wingate  or Lookout Mt!

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Solid thrashing of Georgia Bulldogs!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Check out this site for a Oliver's Cross Country season, they are slow to update it but it is a good resource!

Renewing Vows

Last night I had the privilege of saying, "By the authority vested in me by the Presbyterian Church and this small group, I pronounce that you continue to be husband and wife till death due you part!  You may kiss your bride!"
The 25th wedding anniversary of John and Debbie was celebrated with their small group, a small group I originally lead (for 2 weeks) and then the Musselwhites took over. One of the best groups I have ever been a part.
It was romantic, a surprise, tux, original wedding dress that still fit, great food, a new necklace, good friends and a covenant was renewed! I think this kind of event is wonderful. We renew our covenant when we take the Lord's Supper = "We will be your people, you are our God! You provided all, we receive in faith." By faith John and Debbie are repeating what they said 25 years ago to the day.
Enjoy the pictures.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Last Sunday, (9/21/08) we worshipped at NorthCross Church in Cornelius. I will be preaching there next Sunday and wanted to find out where it was, what God was doing in the midst of these people and to worship. 
When you heart is thirsty, God brings living water. God especially used the printed confession of sin printed in the bulletin. It was read in unison after the sermon and before the last hymn, which was after a wonderful infant baptism - so near the very end. But God has used it in my life in a mighty way. Here it is, I do not know the author.

Heavenly Father, loving King, our thoughts and motives cannot be hidden from your sight.
Our self-pity and pride, our cowardice ands sloth, our anger and envy are laid bare before your eyes and ours. We open ourselves to you and ask that you cover us in Christ. Let us hear your voice saying: His blood is your peace, His death is your freedom, His Spirit is your power.
And let our hearts know that your service is perfect freedom. Amen.

These few lines opened my heart, revealed sin and brought freedom. My goal today is to live in that freedom.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


You have heard of the "seal of approval" - I think the most famous one is Pillsbury. This week I met with the elected Mission the North America (MNA) committee of my denomination, the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). How is that for alphabet soup! This approval is basically saying that they whole-heartedly encourage anyone and everyone to get behind this church planting effort.

It actually was a great experience to speak before the whole staff, committee and guest about my walk as a pastor/church planter/believer. Men from all over the country interviewed, approved and laid hands on me as they prayed for my soul, fund raising, and the future of Advent Presbyterian. It is so encouraging knowing that these men have promised to pray for this adventure of faith! 

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Advent Pres Church Plant's Second Gathering

What is a gathering, not a reunion like the old time churches, sometimes called and "in-gathering". Simply the first beginnings of gathering a ministry team to launch this strategic church plant in Steele Creek. Tonight we had 3 families, 4 other interested families could not come for a taco feast, a great challenge by Tim Taylor and prayer time. This was a great time which included the kids singing with us praises to the Lord! The theme for tonight was community, a basic that we are striving for as one of our DNA statements.

I am reminded of the Scripture that says do not dispise the day of small beginnings. Some of the families that are starting this process have come from very large churches, close friends and elaborate structure. Tonight we discussed the need to be known by the Lord and since we are created in his image and he was relational within the Godhead, we are to be known by others. This is scary and good, intimidating and required by Scripture. Will you pray with us, and for us?

PS. Matthew Henry says this about Zecariah 4:  "The exact fulfilment of Scripture prophecies is a convincing proof of their Divine original. Though the instruments be weak and unlikely, yet God often chooses such, to bring about great things by them. Let not the dawning light be despised; it will shine more and more to the perfect day. Those who despaired of finishing the work, shall rejoice when they see Zerubbabel giving directions what to do, and taking care that the work be done. It is a comfort to us that the same all-wise, almighty Providence, which governs the earth, is in particular conversant about the church. All that have the plummet in their hands, must look up to the eyes of the Lord, have constant regard to Divine Providence, act in dependence on its guidance and submission to its disposals. Let us fix our faith on Christ, and view Him carrying on his work according to his own glorious plan, and daily bringing his spiritual building nearer to completion." (Zec. 4:11-14)

PSS. We are praying for 40 more adults to be gathered by Feb. 15th! Pray with us that this is "His work according to His glorious plan".

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Oliver's Cross Country Race

Had a great day at Wingate watching Oliver run a 8K Cross Country race. A picnic followed and is was fun to be with my "buddy". Half of the race it looked like Oliver had the longest shoe laces dangling. It was tape, come to find out after the race that he twisted his ankle during the warm-ups. Had it taped and the tape came undone. He still had a personal best for an 8K (oops 10K) of 38:35. Here are a few pictures:

On the way home we pulled a "Belinda" (ran out of gas)! We stopped at a gas station and they were out of gas and before we got to another one - Karen was driving and freaked out. We pulled into a driveway in the country and a kind man gave us a couple of gallons. He would not take a dime for it, his good deed today. What a kind man.

Still a good day! Then we got a distrubing e-mail - that is for another post when I have time to cool down. Pray for me.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Of a Political Nature

I always like graphics that show an overview. Since at this time we do not watch TV, I am getting alot of my news from the internet. The NY Times has a great graphic that shows The Words They Used  in the Democrat and Republican conventions. 
I feel like I listened to it all now and saved a lot of time!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I am a Great Uncle!

My oldest brother Bruce is now a Grandfather! His son BJ is the proud father. I know, what about the women - this in my blog so the men get mentioned first - it will be the first and probably last time they are mentioned first!
The proud G'mother is Karen (we named our Karen after her) and the Mom is Kat. Kat had a c-section and is doing fine. Ella looks like a Cross baby!

Monday, September 8, 2008

A Great Comparson of Camping and the Christian Life

Last Summer Rebekah and I had a great but very hot time camping - 108 degrees. I read this bolg tonight and it reminded me of camping and a number of other things.

Read it here!

It made a lot of sense to me - but then again I am wierd that way! This was the first time I visited this site.

You know you are old when ...

A former youth group member from California, I called Leggs, found me after 20 years of not hearing from her by way of a search engine and this blog.  She is 44 and a school board member, mom of 3 and an accomplished business woman. Wow!

She is older than my new asst. pastor!

She is married to another youth group member, Dwayne. I will never forget being on a youth trip with a bus full of young people. It was a "Choir Cruise". At least that is what we called it. A dear friend had the whole youth in a choir and we traveled from San Jose to LA and many points inbetween. In Paso Robles we were saying at a church, hot day and we went swimming in a farm pond. As I was swimming, Dwayne found some neighbor kid's dirt bike and took off. About 200 yards away he stopped, or was stopped by a barbed wire fence. Medical release forms are very important for a youth pastor - and thankfully I was more than prepared. Hundreds of stitches later he rejoined us and kept on going.

Leggs says the scars are still there and his son is just like him - 13 and already has 6 broken arms and a separated shoulder. That is what I call payback!

I am asking for a picture of the family and if I get one I will post it here!

Rebekah's First Day of Public School

She was nervous! She was eager! She was camera shy!

She was thrilled there were no uniforms.

First Day at South Stanly Middle School.

She has told me not to pick her up in the old truck, not to walk her into school, ...

And believe it or not he certainly does not want be late, ever.

She has asked to go to public school for years. She has attended a small Classical School her whole life with the same 8-10 kids. Now there are 80 kids in her PE class!

We bribe, if she gets all "A's" she gets an ipod.

We all are adapting to transition!

Friday, September 5, 2008

A Few More Drops!

Wednesday night I went to a prayer meeting, and afterwards an elders meeting at a precious Church, Westminster Presbyterian in Albemarle. I was able to present what we will be doing in Steele Creek. Yesterday Pastor Lee Shellnutt e-mailed me to tell me that I an now one of the Church's church planting missionaries for the next four years!
Keep praying!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Pledge Card

Someone wanted me to post this here for those interested.

Advent Presbyterian Church Plant

MINISTRY OF KEN CROSS – Steele Creek (Charlotte), NC

Yes, I (we) would like to express my (our) intent to pledge 

support to Advent Presbyterian Church Plant and to MNA by:

o PRAYER:  I (we) would like to pray for the development 

of this ministry and for the hearts of people to be 

touched by the Gospel.           

o Daily     o Weekly



 One Time Gift of $__________________


 Ongoing pledge of  $___________ 

per _______________ for ________years

          (M)onth, (Q)uarter, (Y)ear   1, 2 ,3 or 4


 Pledge date range:  

Start___________ Month/Year      

End ______________ Month/Year


       o Receive Church Planter prayer letters.  

(Please DO NOT check if you are currently 

receiving the prayer letter)

       o Agree that funds may be advanced to the 

church planter based on the above pledge with 

my (our) understandingthat as I (we) continue 

to give in fulfillment of my (our) pledge, I (we) are 

replenishing to MNA the funds MNA has 

advanced to Ken Cross.



(Title, Mr., Mrs., Ms.)        (First)      (Last Name)






STATE____________________ ZIP___________






DATE ________________


Please make checks payable and mail to:          

  Mission to North America                                           

1700 N. Brown Rd, Suite 101

Lawrenceville, GA  30043                                            

oI would like information on electronic funds giving.

This contribution will be made with the understanding 

that Mission to North America has complete discretion 

and control over the use of all donated funds, to assure 

their use for the intended exempt purposes. 



I read this news report today and laughed out loud (LOL).

Check it out here.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Faucet has OPENED!

Today I found out from MNA (the Church Planting arm of our denmination, Mission to North America) that I have my first supporter! MNA does the bookkeeping for free and allows people to give and get receipts for tax deductions! 
Many folks have said they would support us in the grand adventure of starting a church from scratch in Charlotte, but now someone actually signed up with a pledge and $. It is very encouraging.
Last night I met with two dear couples that both said they would invest in this gospel adventure with us. Tonight I met with a session (board of elders) of a small church that has ministered to my family during this transition, they are considering allowing us to be one of their church planting missionaries!
Pray with and for us please.
If you would like to invest, I would love to talk with you or if you wish you can read how to support us by going to the church plant website.
Next week I meet with the national MNA committee in Atlanta. They want to hear about this church plant, my story of church planting and why I would consider doing it again. Evidently there are very few that plant a second church after pastoring one for 15 years like I have. You already knew I was strange! So, now they will know too! They also will officially endorse me. I don't know if I will get a badge or what. At least a free meal that I drive 6 hours to eat! Hopefully, I will be able to meet with other churches in Georgia that might be able to help. There is a common theme here - pray.

But let me tell you about some answers to prayer - we had our first gathering of interested folks considering being a part of the core group. Some were so eager that they joined up on our first meeting - my family (YEA - aren't you glad, I know of some pastor's families that are not supportive - I am blessed.), My Asst. Pastor's family and a young family with a 2 week old little girl. So we will have a baptism soon!

Our next meeting will be Sept. 14th and soon after, we will start evangelistic Bible Studies in the Steele Creek area.

So in many ways the faucet has opened! Pray for a flood!