Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Best Senior Class Ever!

The title of this blog is CROSS HAPPENINGS. Here is a significant happening.

Karen, my 4th of 5, said this the other night at the dinner table. "I am in the best senior class ever!"

This is the same girl that has been in 4 schools in 4 years of HS. The some one that begged to stay with friends in Albemarle and attend last year's school.

This is an answer to prayer - mark is down. A Cross Happening for sure. Thank you to all of you that pray for the Cross family and especially for Karen, [Kingbean, Kenny, King ...].

The picture to the right is from the 2nd retreat she has been on with her sr. class!


Melissa Sue said...

That IS a major happening! Praise God for that answer to prayer.

Lynn Cross said...

Here Here! Thank you Father. LC