Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Preaching the Gospel to myself and Harbor Church

In early December I started something new in my life. I am an interim pastor as well as a church planter. Presently, the launch group/core group/Advent Mission Church meets on Sunday nights at 5 PM in my home. Thus, my Sunday mornings have been used to speak in other churches and visit the Steele Creek Churches in the SW portion of Charlotte.

I was approached by my good friend Bill Heard, former pastor of Harbor Church, if I was willing to preach and help lead the church he founded 14 years ago -- not as a full-time pastor but as an interim.

What is an interim - I don't really know.  What I do is preach every Sunday and I chair the elders meetings every month. I don't know how to care part time, or lead part time. I do like the freedom to talk about what I see as an outsider -- but who wants to be an outsider. I have never really held back saying what I see anywhere I have ever been. So I don't know what an interim pastor is but I do know what I want it to be.

I want to affirm the ministry that has been done in the past. I lot of blood sweat and tears - long nights, many prayers, joys and heart aches.

I want to be used to help prepare this church for the future - not just another pastor to move into town but for what God wants to do in Mooresville.

I am asking God to teach me, mold me and prepare me too. I desire God to grow the church and to grow me in the process.

If you would like to listen to the sermons I preach you can link to the church using my blog list. They have a poor camera that shows me with little hair but you will recognize the voice. I am presently preaching through the letter of James.


Carl said...

We appreciate your service to the Lord and thank you for opening God's Word for us each week.

May he Bless your efforts in Steele Creek.

ricky said...

Hello, I am Ricky Ramos from Puerto Rico. I graduated from Westminster Theological Seminary 1990 and Bill Heard was a good friend. I am looking to contact him, please let me know how I can find him. God belss.