Thursday, May 29, 2008

Moving On with the help of Prayer

Our goal is to have the Southern Pines house ready for showing by Monday if the painters are finished - 4 days of cleaning, getting kid stuff - stuffed into the home in Stanly County. Did you notice the use of house and home - home in my  mind is where you live - a house = even this house that  we brought Rebekah back to after she was born. The house all of our children will always remember as an anchor in the universe from which you can drift. 
Hopefully, we will sell it soon and free resources for other things. So the future, is coming soon. We do not know what it will look like but I am more and more ready to see it come! Which is a good thing since I cannot stop it!

Yesterday someone sent Lynn and I a very encouraging e-mail. It cheered my soul as I read it late, late last night as I was filling out a very long application form for missionary service. Here is a short piece of it:
 "I am a single mom .... Ken, you were an absolute blessing to me is so many ways I can't express with proper gratitude. I had searched and searched for a church to call home; I couldn't wait to go to church every Sunday after that. Pastor Ken, you were like a rainbow, a bright sunrise, the happiest, smiling face .......... You are missed very much. I can only imagine what you and your family have been through. I have cried many times for you and your family. ... Pastor Ken, a big hug to you from us. We miss you and love you and will pray you thru this season of your life."
That is encouraging and since she is one of the few that I have sent this blog address to - Thank you again!

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