Monday, February 2, 2009


Last year I was criticized for being on facebook, now it seems those who criticized are now on facebook - or their wives are! One great benefit of this social network is that I have reconnected with some of my old youth group from First Baptist Church in Los Gatos, CA. I was there  25 years ago. Our first years of marriage living in a very small apt. and then owning our first home are great memories. Katie was born in Santa Teresa Hospital in San Jose. We had a great time and God did some wonderful things in our lives and in the lives of the youth!
I remember many late game nights with the guys, many basketball games in our driveway - we even had to get the city to reroute the power lines to the house because they interfered with my favorite shot! Lynn one day poured a whole bowl of oatmeal on Cindy Riggio's (now Cripe) head just because Cindy knew Lynn was too polite to do it! The youth helped repaint my home, Steve R. reminded me I "let him" til my yard! He put it this way in a recent facebook note.

It has become abundantly clear as the years have passed how short your time in California really was. As I look back it seemed like you were there for many years than you were, what an influence you had, and if I recall you were quite young as well. Thank you for the time and energy you spent on us kids. I have always been involved with youth since I was able, I give you and Steve Hammond a lot of credit for keeping me on the right track and not fearing scaring me off when you checked me. I am not able to make fun of your accent through words, I miss saying "Pastor Ken", also thanks for introducing me to golf, you have given me years of agony and wasted $$s, and at some level I still play, although I haven't improved much. Your turn, catch me up on your end. Say hey to "Lynn", do you remember the peanut butter sandwiches she made, with homemade bread, Oh and thanks for letting me till your yard, I dont even do my own yardwork, See Ya....

Steve is the one with the red shirt looking back at the camera!

One very memorable event was a "Choir Cruise". We cruised from San Jose to LA in a school bus that broke down on the way home. Jayne, seen asleep in the bus, lead the choir - they were really good, and we visited many churches singing and sharing Jesus. The big idea was for the youth to see how others worship, knowing the they would be spread out in many directions as the years passed. I still pray for these guys and for some I am still pastoring them and being pastored long distance!

For all my friends that have never seen my chin - enjoy the picture!


Sondie said...

Is that your chin behind Lynn's hair? Amazing how the seeds planted years ago are still growing...and have re-seeded.

Cindy said...

It sure is nice to be able to tell you all that you have meant to us over the years instead of us reading it at your memorial someday. You should know what kind of an impact you had on all of us especially coming in when you did. Best years ever!!! You taught us by your word and your example. You also were our friend. Thank you for taking the time for each and everyone of us. Thank you for listening to us. Thank you for playing with us. Thank you for disciplining us. Thank you for loving us. Now we are all coming back to find you. Where's the slides from Choir Cruise? I believe my rear end is the end of the show. I could have killed you. Good times!!

Love Ya,
Cindy (Leggs)