Thursday, November 5, 2009

Price wars on Books - Don't tell my wife!

From my reading:

Book Price War Might Benefit Pastors

InfoHeaven knows pastors love to read, and a price war between book retailers might just be a blessing to them. has dropped the price on their top 10 pre-order titles to $10, including free shipping. Also they are offering their top 200 books at discounts of 50% or more in a program called America’s Reading List. A day later, Amazon matched Wal-Mart’s pricing, and both sites have dropped those 10 promotional titles to just $9. It remains to be seen what this will do to already-beleaguered chain and independent book stores, but pastors might take advantage of the low pricing in the meantime.

Publisher’s Lunch 10/16/09

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Lynn Cross said...

Too late Eunice! Already ordered a book this morning. Love ya, Lynn