Friday, June 5, 2009

27th Wedding Anniversary

Today is my 27th Wedding anniversary and it has made me think of the last 3 decades and the decisions I have made. I have thought of many wrong decisions (the Bible calls those sins) and the many good decisions. But this morning I started thinking about a decision I made not knowing what the outcome would be, but trusting God in the process (the Bible calls those faith).
I remember distinctly praying and fasting for a two week period about whether or not I should tell Lynn I loved her. She knew that if I said that, I was proposing marriage. I was in California and Lynn was in Birmingham, AL. Lynn was waiting having already declared she was ready to move forward. I just wanted to make sure that the life I had given to the Lord included marrying Lynn and becoming one flesh. It took faith and it was tested. I called her we were pre-engaged and through a number of situations Lynn broke up with me.
Now in my mind, God had lead me to marry Lynn but now it was in doubt. I stayed true to the course for about eight months sending Lynn letters (before texting) and calling on the phone but her parents were not in favor of this potential union and that hurt a lot. I had to determine if God was in favor of it. God worked over time and Lynn moved away from her folks. So I prayerfully wrote a letter saying that I loved her, believed we should be married but you cannot have a two-way relationship with just one person. So I remember saying something like this in the letter, “I have prayed much about this and have come to the place that either I will hear from you quickly that you want to pursue this relationship or have a good life without me.”
She called me quickly and 10 months later we were married. It was one of the best decisions of my life. I shutter to think what my life would be like without my Bride. God has used her so much in my life. He love, rebukes, intellect, parenting ability, but especially her walk with the Lord has been used of God to sanctify me and mature me. Because of her struggles - I have grown. Because of her strengths – I have been challenged. Because of her holiness I have been humbled. Because of her reading my back has hurt from moving all those books!
A principle that James Raiford taught me in Bible College was, “A faith not tested cannot be trusted.” He was right.
But one think I know – every decision Lynn and I have made including starting a new church in Charlotte (which is one of the scariest decisions) is easier because Lynn is my wife and the mother of my children. Thank you Lord and thank you Lynn. I am a blessed man.


ktrew said...

Your sister-in-law almost cried over this one. Time and growth makes life sweeter. Your union has touched many lives. Your future will produce more fruit than even the last three decades. Always praying for you and family, Kay

Melissa Sue said...

What a sweet tribute to an amazing and godly woman. Thanks for sharing your praise of your wife with us. You are truly a blessed man.

Love you both!