Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Advent Devotional

As a family we have always done devotions in the mornings.  I am not saying that every morning we have had devotions.  There have been times we haven't done it because of scheduling purposes, etc., but what I am saying is that mornings have always been the default setting.  We as a family decided to give it a go for evenings and it is fabulous.  Maybe it is just going to be another season, but right now it works very well.  Before it was whoever was up, took the kids to school, didn't have an early morning appointment, etc... Now we have devotions at 7 pm every night and we are all together.  I love it.  Ken has chosen an advent theme that he found off the computer which is simple, but keeps us looking forward to what we are supposed to look forward to.  We use the projector and his computer to project it up on the wall of the lake house about ten feet across.  Even Bama gets involved.  Every night she follows the star as it cascades across the wall and begins to growl and bark.  I think it's cute, Ken thinks it's distracting!  
I am posting this because it has worked so well for us, and I really wanted you to know.  The computer aspect has kept the kids involved and attentive.  Anyway, for what it is worth, an idea for you all.  

Awaiting the Bridegroom to come sweep me away................Lynn

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