Tuesday, December 2, 2008

All I really want for Christmas

I have gotten e-mails from my kids at college with links to what they want for Christmas. Ugghs, Garmin running watch, some kind of purse, North Face coats ... even tonight I announced that I wanted a satellite radio & a new trolling motor. So we all have our wants.

While researching Advent music (See previous post), I found a song I had never heard before about Christmas - that I think links us to what Christians became known for - being families to the unwanted.

Steven Curtis Chapman sings this - he, as many of you know has adopted children in the last 6 or so years. This last May his youngest, Maria, was killed in their driveway.

This makes be rethink my materialistic tendencies. Enjoy the song - as I said I had never heard it before today! And those of you with only 2 kids really listen to it! (Fruitful and multiply means at least 4! With 2 kids you only replace yourselves - been saying that for years!)


Rach said...

Ken, I stumbled across your Blog today, and thought I would at least say hello. It has been interesting reading up on you guys.

Rachael Clary Hairston

Anonymous said...

Ken, good to see your blog, I got the info from Darren who got it from Arron.
Hope all is well.
I played the David Phelps rendition and I do appreciate his voice.
See if you can find the 'Virgin's lullaby' by the nativity singers. It is on the updated score from the Nativity Story, movie.

Sondie said...

Wow, Marty and I haven't even replaced ourselves!

The song is a real tear jerker...my mom had that wish for many years as a child. So many children hurting.