Monday, December 1, 2008

Another Thing Girls have Over Guys

According to an article in NEW SCIENTIST entitled, "Ladies, your hands are a zoo," you ladies are dangerous! We knew that anyway but now we have proof!

A study showed that even though they wash their hands more frequently, (I guess that is true), women have more kinds of bacteria on their hands than men do. The study showed that five kinds of bacteria were present on all people, but even on a single person (don't know about a married person - maybe they meant something else ...) the bacteria on a dominant hand was differend than on a non-dominant hand. The researchers from the Univ. of Colorado were surprised by the differences between men and women and speculate that factors like "sweat, sebum production (don't know what that is but is sounds bad) hormones (we buy them in our house), and even the use of cosmetics (you mean we buy germs ...)" could contribute to the difference.

This reminds me of a story I tell about my Grandmother Margaret, who died at 101 and was so special to me. She was a long time Presbyterian but when she moved to Richmond she considered herself a missionary to the Methodist. Was a member of Centenary UMC in downtown Richmond for probably over 60 years. Well one day she told me that the new preacher was changing things that she did not like. He wore a robe that was like the pope's. Not a preaching robe like most protestants but kinda weird in her mind. But what really bothered her about his changes was the way he changed the way you take communion. Methodist always come up for the Lord's Supper and mostly use the prayer bench and partake. The new preacher, a Dr. Somebody, wanted to place the bread wafer into the mouths of the congregants. Grandma Margaret's not so silent protest was, "I am not going to do that, I was married to a man, and raised a man and I know that you never know where a man's hands have been!"

I guess if she was still alive she would find this research somewhat suspect! But it would be great to hear her tell that story again!

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