Friday, December 19, 2008

Is Evangelism out of style?

It seems to me there is less emphasis on evangelism (sharing your Christian faith) today and more on on simply good works. I am in favor of both but it is my experience that you must encourage evangelism first and good works/discipleship ... second. Why? Well, I am a Presbyterian and we are known for training people in theology - good theology - no, great theology. We love that stuff. But, in reality, we will train people to death and they never get around to sharing their faith.
Those of you who know me - know I love to be around questioning, seekers, young christians and believers that are listening to what God wants in their lives. The hear sermons differently that Christians that fell that have all that is required in this lifetime. You h
ave heard that it is easier to steer a moving ship that one dead in the water - same thing with a growing Christian. Point them in the right direction with the right attitude (Faith) and they will please God.

Listen to this from an atheist about a recent experience when a man cared enough to share his faith.

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Evangelism Coach said...

I think this video is making the rounds. I hope that my own witness is just as genuine.

A question that I like to ask myself is "To whom did I speak with today about my faith and their journey" that might make a similar video?

Was my own conversation genuine enough that I'd be respected for my integrity? Or was it just a one way street because I had an agenda?

Chris W