Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Church Signs

I have always looked out for Church signs and criticized them mostly. I believe they say something about the church and it's vision and passions. I have a lot more to say about church signs but will leave that for another post. One thing I am going to start doing is taking pictures of the best and worst. 
The sign below in on the way to Rebekah's middle school. Do you notice anything peculiar?

I will try to call them tomorrow - maybe in the morning on the way to school it will be okay to wear "satin" again!

Update: Thursday morning the sign said "Satan." Evidently one of the church members at the  Wednesday night service has satin sheets and wanted to be able to sleep with a good conscience!

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hpt said...

Have you seen the blog about church signs?

This is an excellent submission!

They're right... no satin til after Easter. :)