Thursday, January 8, 2009

House still for SALE but maybe not for long!

Just an update, our home in Southern Pines is still on the market. See the listing here.

We have received a low ball offer that we are not considering - $255,000. The home is listed for $329,900. But today our agent says we are to receive another offer. Please pray that it is a realistic offer!

It would be wonderful to know that the home is sold, we can wait on the closing, pack it up and start the process of moving to Steele Creek to be there by June or as soon as Karen & Rebekah get out of school!

Lynn wanted to start house shopping yesterday but I told her, "No." Inevitably, she would find the perfect home and want to ... before the SP house is sold!

I will keep you informed. Later today I am going to SP to do some yard work, watch the football game & beg a meal from some dear friends!


B said...

See you this evening! :-) B.

The Scotts said...

Praise the Lord!! We are praying!!