Friday, January 23, 2009

An Examined Look at Abortion

It was 36 years ago yesterday, January 22, that the Supreme Court came to a verdict in the case of Roe v. Wade, the case that legalized abortion. This case is still as controversial today as it was in 1973 and continues to be in the forefront of our day.
Tim Challias  has linked  to a great resource that is free and available to you from my old seminary professor R. C. Sproul. At the Ligonier website there are now available, videos that in the past were very expensive.

I just finished listening and watching the first lecture on ABORTION.  It was a very well thought out presentation.  I think R.C. is at his best when he is in front of the camera or large audiences. 
I promise, you will learn something that is beneficial to you. Of special note, I think you will learn how better to dialogue with those with whom you disagree, simply by watching how RC approaches the subject.

Here is the link.

Since we are on the subject - or at least I am today - here is a short article that is very provocative about the four reasons you might be aborted if you are a fetal human.

The picture is of an ultrasound image from the website flicker.

36 million - is more than the 2007 official population of our most populated state -California. Check out the figures here.

Obviously I am opposed to abortion, but having been a pastor of 30 years I know many dear friends that have had abortions. For many, if it comes close to home - your examined opinion wavers. Actually, my opposition to abortion is strengthened by those that have told me of their stories. It causes so much pain and regret. I have witnessed the effects of forgiveness and grace, great grace from a loving Heavenly Father in their lives. These dear sisters have only fostered my passion that this legal option is the worst decision for young ladies, young fathers, new grandparents ... everyone. There are 36 million less people who could have walked the roads of this country.

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