Monday, October 27, 2008

Answers to a good question

I got an e-mail from a precious friend that honestly wanted to know what God was teaching me today. My first thought was to tell her what I was reading, what sermons I listened to lately or about the great sermon I heard on Psalm 27 yesterday preached by Phil Covert at Carolina Pres. But instead I allowed my mind to simply bring up random things I have learned in the last couple of weeks - or have been reminded of. So her are 12 thoughts. I want to challenge you to make a comment on this blog and at least list 6 things you are learning. I am not into tagging people but if that provokes you to make a comment consider yourself tagged.

1. What am I learning? That when God humbles someone, those around them are affected too. It happens all the time. So be careful who you get into a boat with - some sailors found that out with Jonah.2. We are always in transition - will be until we get to glory.
3. Real friends are precious
4. Not all real friends know how to be friends
5. It is easy to withdraw but harder to return to the land of the living.
6. It is easier to doubt when you are on the sidelines
7. There is no quick fixes to sanctification - it is a marathon
8. God is using a lot of people for his glory - we tend to only see a few.
9. Time moves the same for all of us (that is the theory) it seems to move quicker when you relax.
10. Good fellowship is precious - enjoy it when you have it - it can change overnight.
11. Family is so important -
12. I am insignificant.


Sondie said...

I am learning some similar things as you...or rather need to learn, but know that I am not embracing all the lessons.

1. I need to learn, must be willing to grow.
2. I am a broken person and only god can repair the cracks in this jar of clay.
3. I can't fix things...some things I just have to accept and let God work it out. UGH! I want things fixed today.
4. I like the sidelines a little too well, even though it is a place of doubt.
5. It is fear of failure and/or rejection that makes the sidelines a little too comfy for me leave.
6. Expect nothing.
7. Rejoice in today, everyday. Things may be different tomorrow.
8. I can never go back to what once was, only forward. Satan likes to keep us living in past and "only ifs".
9. This world is not my home and I am not here for comfort and happiness all the time.
10. No human being will ever love you like your daddy does.
11. Change is inevitable and a necessary part of our growth.
12. Our relationships with others is a reflection of our walk with Christ.

Cindy said...

Hey Ken! You are so funny. Is that Terry Catron next to Dwayne and me?

Here's what I have learned over the last six really tough weeks.
1. What's done is done, no going back.
2. Climbing out of the darkness seems impossible but it's an ongoing process.
3. Good friends are really great to have and they should be reminded of that from time to time.
4. Family is a gift.
5. Lessons learned at a young age can be life long lessons.
6. Life is hard but with choices. Be careful of choices. They can be with you a life time.

Hey I read Philippians on Sunday and now am working through Job a little bit. You do good work Ken!!


Ken Cross said...


Callie told me about your blog. I read it this morning, and wanted to
respond, but couldn't get it to work just right, so:

Things I am learning:

1. I am amazed every day at how richly God has blessed me.
2. I am learning how to continue to cultivate and grow my love
relationship with my wife, even through times of transition.
3. I am learning that my kids seem to be turning out all right, in
spite of their Dad, who they claim is “out of control”.
4. That being “out of control” isn’t necessarily a bad thing!
5. That Ken Cross loves his Crimson Tide.
6. That even though Christians can be separated by geography,
ethnicity, denominational differences, and a host of other divisions, we
are more alike than we tend to realize.

Looking forward to meeting Oliver at some point. Thanks for having
Callie over last week during break. She gave me your e-mail, with
specific instructions not to embarrass her, so feel free to tell her I
told you lots of embarrassing things!

Parker Nicholson