Thursday, October 30, 2008

Breaking Pornography Addiction

As a long time pastor that loves people and knows the reality of the depravity on man, I believe that pornography is rampant in the church and society. So you can ignore it and never ask hard questions or try to provide hope in the gospel. The Holy Spirit is able, we are weak!

 I am always looking for resources that are helpful and not just rehashed behavior modification with a few Bible verses added to the stew.

If you struggle or know someone who does, read David Powlison's recent article, Breaking Pornography Addiction. Like everything that he writes it is gracious, realistic, balanced, and thoughtful.

No pictures for this post. Just a prayer as I publish it for those who suffer ...

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Luke said...

It really is a great article. Powlison will be speaking at the upcoming CCEF conference in Philadelphia. I'll be liveblogging there if you want to read up on what the speakers are talking about: