Saturday, October 11, 2008

Oliver Gets Personal Best in Cross Country today!

Rebekah and I went to Columbia last night after I picked her up from school at SSMS and spent a great time with Michael and Katie (and yes Elliot - I gave them a hug from you!) Addis, their dog, was glad to see us! Had a great meal and I slept like a log on their couch! Rebekah got a bleeding tongue working on a jaw breaker all the way down the road! She still hasn't finished it yet!
Got up this morning at 5:30 AM to drive to Anderson, SC for Oliver's CC race. I gave him a speech that I half stole from Michael and 1/4 stole from Justin with 1/4 of my own mot
ivation. And Oliver rose the the occasion. He had his personal record (PR) of 29.17 in the 8K race. His previous PR was 29.57 or close to that - way to go Buddy! I told him not the next goal is sub - 29.00!
I met the photographer for Anderson College, the host, and she is to post some action pics s
oon and I will put them up for you to see.
Watching a 30 min. race is tiring - especially when you run from one point of
 the course to another so you can spur on you son. I was worn out! Check out all the results here.
We were home before 2 PM, just a few hours after Karen woke up! Some nice neighbors cut up a tree in the back yard as I move the logs and brush away - I think they were tired of seeing it in our yard when they look at the lake from their porches! It was great to get to know them better!
Then tonight we went to one of our favorite restaurants in Mt. Gilead - Henry's, with our good friends Rich and Anne Smith and kids! Great friends, great food - live is good!
Now if only Michael will post his promised entry in this blog! We will wait on it! Hint, Hint!

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