Monday, August 25, 2008

God is On Our Side- From the McKenzies

God has really been looking after us since we arrived in Columbia. We have found a wonderful church where we are beginning to feel at home. ( check out the website at ) We have met a wonderful older couple who have just taken us under their wings.
Michael is loving school. He always has so much to talk about when he gets home of all the wonderful things he is learning. He doesn't have a negative thing to say about his professors. Keep him in prayer while he has to make this transition into school mode again. He is taking Greek 1, Old Testament 1, and Foundations of Spiritual Development. I have been falling asleep to funny sounding Greek words.
I am putting some pictures of our new very small apartment. We have been blessed here! We have a lake pretty much in our backyard, with a 1 mile trail around, which we have worn in quite well. We have everything we have ever needed around here in walking distance. We have definitely been getting our exercise because it is easier to walk places than drive.
Please keep up in your prayers as I am still looking for a job, but I know God will provide.
Miss you all. Here is our new address: 112 Paces Brook Ave. Apt 11215 Columbia, SC 29212


Sondie said...

glad you are getting sounds very promising. Keep trusting.

I love you,

beth dent said...

katie..what an adventure! Two years ago we stood on the tery's porch and you were frustrated about your biology degree and I was fussing about JAmie not getting inot nursing...then came ethiopia...then michael...then some heavy trials...but Aslan is on the move. Hubby and a dog, what more does a gal need? ajob. I'll pray with you on that. Beth