Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Today, Lynn and I had to go to Southern Pines to pick up a passport out of the safety deposit box so Lynn could go to Alaska with me. A year ago we planned and paid fo this vacation with my oldest brother and his dear wife to spend a couple of days in our favorite city of Vancouver, BC and then take a cruise up the coast. This was way before unexpected events happened that turned our lives upside down. But God has a way of moving and getting us where he wants us!
That was also evident today as we went by the hospital in Columbia, SC to visit an adopted Mom, Edna Lou Poole. We wanted to surprize her and we did - but if we had been 10 minutes later we would have missed her. God is good, all the time and at the right time. I black minister friend of mine says, "God has missed a lot of opportunties to be on my time schedule!" I am glad we are on HIS timetable.
So Lynn and are all packed - her suitcases are heavier because of all her books! 
I do not know if we will have internet on the ship but I will try to post some pictures of us in long sleaves for all of you in this 100 degree heat! Can't wait to see a whale, glacier and go salmon fishing!

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