Sunday, August 24, 2008

Margaret Moving Out, Moving In

Thursday through Saturday we moved Margaret into Covenant College, Lookout Mt. Georgia. A mixture of emotions for her and the rest of the family. It doesn't get easier with the third one!
She has been planning for it for months but it seemed that it took her an 
extremely long time to pack. She seemed to put it off and then touch everything
 over and over again.
Her are a few pictures:

You will see that the doem room is about 8 feet wide. Thankfully her roommate Annie had already put her stuff in the roo
m. They will both learn how o compromis
e before it is all over - they were both nervous. I am eager to find out how
 her first few days went.
Her address is:
Margaret Cross
Covenant College
Box 520
14049 Scenic Highway
Lookout Mtn. GA 30750

Send her a love package - she loves 

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