Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We are BACK!

We planned and paid for this trip over a year ago with my older brother, long before we knew we would go through 6+ months of real turmoil - it was a relaxing time a way!
We have come home to a busy schedule. Our Jr. in High School starts in the morning at a new school. Thursday we leave for Covenant College to take another daughter. Our son is already at Wingate and our married daughter and her husband are in Columbia and he has started seminary - WOW!
I am way behind on my reading and every thing else - but today was a profitable day as I called churches and send e-mails raising support for the Church Plant: Advent Presbyterian.
Here are just a few of our pictures!


B said...

Glad you are home! Missed you guys. I'll give you a call later today...Wished Kenny could be here at the beach with us, but I'm glad she got into the school you wanted for her. Love you both. B.

hipmissionary said...

Hey, looks like y'all had a great trip! Hope it was really rejuvinating!! Am praying for y'all as you start the new adventure. Thanks for your encouragements! Love ya, C

Sondie said...

Welcome home! Love the pictures.