Friday, August 29, 2008

From Upsidedownbee

  • Cry :: don't do it enough
  • Stretch :: what I do not do before I exercise
  • Efficient :: often times is not as fun
  • Brunch :: second b'fast
  • Afro :: What I wore during a great Halloween in my past
  • Preheat :: 400 then put the pizzas in the oven
  • Delicious :: my homemade apple sauce
  • Global warming :: a crock
  • Actions :: Love in motion
  • Ride :: back and forth to school
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    hipmissionary said...

    Hey You, watch how you use the word "crock"!! That was my nickname for many years - now I only still hear it from one person. But, I pray that what you say about global warming is true, but I feel we have not been very good stewards of the earth the Lord has given us in many ways! By the way, so glad your first meeting was good - I will continue to pray! Love you! Cheryl