Friday, August 1, 2008

Great Day, Friday August 1

Today has been a great day except for the pain from the dentist that I still have in my mouth.

I went to Steele Creek, the area of Charlotte that we intend on planting a new church, met with Tim Taylor and a potential core group member who is considering moving to the area as a direct result of this church. He already works there.So he can be "green" by saving gas and be instrumental is the salvation of many! 

Tim and I then went to eat at Jim 'N Nick's Bar-B-Q, a restaurant chain out of my native B'ham, Alabama. 
Real BBQ
 I love NC but have appreciated what they call BBQ here. When I was first serve NC BBQ in Lexington, NC with a ice cream scoop I honestly asked if this was BBQ. So today was a touch of down south tomato based home and in many ways I am begining to feel like I am going home - to a home God is fashioning for my family. Not in Birmingham but Steele Creek/Charlotte. The road there still has some significant obstacles: house selling, raising enough funds to move there, schooling issues for Karen and Rebekah .... But Steele Creek will be and is becoming home. Even Lynn and a dear friend went there this week while I was in the dentist chair and enjoyed house shopping. We are in not position to buy anything - but you understand, Lynn is ready to be there too!

After lunch, I could not eat it all and am learning not to try, we went to the Steele Creek library and had an extended staff meeting/work session/planning for the future and sweet prayer time! God even provided a conference room that allowed us privacy to pray, space to get our MAC's side by side and air conditioning to get out of the 100% humidity.

After returning home Rebekah just gave me a wonderful "fashion show" of all her new clothes for school. The 7th grade at South Stanly Middle School better watch out! The scary thing was Rebekah said because of the "no tax" weekend she and her Mom saved $400. I hope she exagerated!

Karen and Margaret are going to the beach today to have fun with some friends, Katie and Michael are on their way here, Oliver is coming home on Sunday night from his ministry time in Virginia Beach. So you have a glimpse of Cross Happenings!

Let me encourage you to read Psalm 37, it ministered to my soul today.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ken,

You don't know me, but wanted to let you know I was encouraged by your post and have been praying for you as the Lord brings you to mind (isn't blogdom great? Well, some of the time). I can explain how I came across you at another time. For now, God bless.

grace & peace, Adam Tisdale