Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Long Awaited Meeting

Tomorrow I meet with a portion of the elders from my former church. Don't know how it will work out since we have not been face to face for 6 months. We are meeting in a neutral location, Ellerbe. So pray for all concerned. Those that are there and those who chose not to attend. But most of all pray for the glory of God in the process.

This picture that I took reminds me that with God there is order and beauty, grace and hope, thorns and blooms - we can learn from the all!


susanrae said...


I will be interceding for you concerning your meeting.

God Bless,

Susan :o)

Sondie said...

Prayer for all of you, those present and those not...for growth and glory...

Proud of your 2 miles today...I didn't do any walking today but plan to in the morning. Now that I've said it, I'll have to do it, huh.

Hope Bekah's first day went well!

BJ Buracker said...

Definitely been praying today. I hope the Lord's work is evident!


Stupid Scholar

PS - it was REALLY good to talk to you the other week. Definitely keep in touch.

hipmissionary said...

Hey Ken, will definitely be praying for your time with the elders - praying that the Lord will be glorified, and that true reconciliation can be done.
Love ya,