Saturday, June 21, 2008

Belinda Furby's Challenge - First poem since 5th Grade

Belinda Furby had a challenge to write a personal  "fill in the blanks" type poem. Check out her blog.

I am from a Civil War era white wooden house with a big staircase and a hidden one I thought only we knew about, from Oscar Meyer bologna and Smithfield salty ham.
I am from the REVILO, a farm in ole Virginia surrounded by the aroma of magnolia and the taste of giant cultivated fresh blackberries.
I am from the large mahogony trees older than anyone knows, the bright purple of the overgrown crepe myrtle trees.
I am from yearly Christmas time family reunions and people who love to laugh, from O.B. & Elmo, Oliver & Pat and Gillis and Cross.
I am from the folks that value people who have time to talk and are honest workers not matter how much money you make.
From sayings like, "that is just a short walk"  and "this will be yours one day.
I am from church folk that lived it.  "Love God and treat everyone with respect, you don't know their circumstances" kind of salty folks.
I'm from Scotch/Irish who eat watermelon rhine pickles that they make themselves, warm yeast rolls made on a wood stove, fried chicken, blackberry cobbler made in large casserole dishes and ice cream at the bewitching hour (9 PM)
From the "stuffing Karen into a cannon until she is stuck story",  the grounding my kids until they repent, even if it takes months, school of parenting.
I am now an orphan since all my parents and older relatives are gone, but not really. I see them in so many memories and I still laugh.


B said...

Wonderful! I liked "church folk that lived it." Not too bad for the first poem since 5th grade! I put a link on my blog to your poem. B.

susanrae said...

Great poem. I found your blog. I don't eat bologna anymore either. Praying for you.
I don't think you realize how much I appreciate you. Bessings!

susanrae said...

Great poem! I don't eat bologna anymore either. I finally found your blog!

I don't know if you know how much I appreciate you! I am praying for your family as you go through so many changes.