Saturday, June 21, 2008

Not here, Not there

Ever been on an easter egg hunt looking for the silver and gold egg among all the other colored eggs? You can only find the eggs by looking,  and sometimes you become an expert on where they are not!
My premise is that I will not find - or better said than finding, it will not be revealed to me by the Great Shepherd of the Sheep -- where He wants me to labor for His Kingdom and Glory until He is ready.  Right now, the first page of the list is narrowing itself down.
Yesterday I called the folks at Mission to the World (PCA's mission board) and told them after much prayer we do not believe that God wants us to go to the Philippines permanently at this point in our lives. Our missionary friends in Manila love us, at least one will still call me names - she did that before too! But they understand.
This week I went to Florida and interviewed with the greatest group of guys. They were very affirming of my gifts and abilities. But is was obvious that I was not right for what they were looking for in a New Church Network Director. In their words, "you are a great guy but too much like us!" So we got to stay in a great condo at Bay Hill CC and Rebekah's first roller coaster was Space Mountain at Disney World.
In the last 2 days other opportunities have arrived and I will see if the silver egg is there!

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