Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Can you do a home project with only one trip the Lowe's?

Today I made my obligatory two trips to Lowe's to accomplish three tasks in the never ending saga of getting our house ready to show. I was in a hurry which didn't help. What would have helped was wisdom in the past to take a shop class in woodworking. (Ladies that is not a class on shopping - men do not shop they just go buying!) The reason I was in a hurry was to help a friend pack up all of his possessions into a 42 ft. U-Haul truck and his racing mini-van that he is so proud to drive!
Rebekah was baby-sitting his two children while adults were busy sweating onto the boxes and furniture. This wise 12 year old ask the obvious question, "Daddy, why does it take us 2+ months to get our house ready and they can do it in 2 days." Don't you just hate the truth sometimes from our children.
I am sad that I lack those "shop" skills, sadder that good friends are moving to TN.

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