Tuesday, June 3, 2008


It is amazing the amount of dirt you find when you touch things that have not moved in a long time.
Today I pack still more books. They are dusty and dirty - although my spouse would be quick to remind everyone that --- you can fill in the blanks if you know her. She has read most of these books - some of them twice.
I also took apart the shower door and threw it away. There was a lot of yuck under that door, beyond the reach of any cleanser. No amount of scrubbing could have gotten it - just a removal exposes the dirt.
Why do I tell you this? - not to justify my work today. To remind you and me - things left untouched get dirty. In your house and in your soul. God has a way of touching what we want untouched.

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Lynn Cross said...

So true. I found the same at the lake. Just not near as old dirt. Younger dirt. Be careful with my "precious" books. Love, me