Monday, June 2, 2008

God's Will

What is God's Will for my life? What will my family do next? When you preach, (not everyone does but since I do preach indulge me), about God's Will people listen. Because so many people are in transition.
Now we are in transition, so I revisited this morning 
a sermon I preached Oct. '93 from the book of Jonah. I think I might preach this this Sunday at New Hope PCA in Clemmons - for them but also for me.
If "open doors" are the most important thing then Jonah had an open door to Tarshish: a waiting ship, money to pay for it, beautiful weather = "open doors." But we have read the end of the story. Even though he was at peace enough to sleep it was not God's will. The weather did not last, the captain and crew cared less and less that he had paid full fare. At one point his ticket was revoked without a refund and he took the first biblical submarine ride as alternate travel. This second ride was free financially but it took a toll on his physically and spiritually. This underwater ride was God's will being acted out in spite of what Jonah wanted to do. God had prepared a people to hear His Word and Jonah was the preacher. So God also prepared a storm, a big fish, a wind, a worm to prepare the preacher.
Since God is moving our family - my goal is to go where He wants first. I do not need the bleached blonde affects that Jonah had to deal with the rest of his ministry!
Here is a quote from George Mueller:

Without giving the whole sermon to you in this post, this morning God gave me peace (yes, using one of my own sermons but remember it is based on God's Word) that He will lead because all 12 points of the sermon - Lynn and I, are following as best we can.

A thought to ponder, since He is moving a family, can God be doing different things with different members of the family and we still go in the same direction? Can Lynn and I be following God, hearing His voice, and it be a  "big fish" submarine ride for one or all of our immediate or extended family? Be the second person to post a comment and let me know what you think.


Sondie said...

How about being the first to post a comment instead of second. I'm so glad to see your blog.

It is a struggle to know God's will, especially when there is more than one open door. Also, while it may seem like a submarine ride for others it may be part of their growth, yes tough physically and spiritually, but to be used for God's glory.

I am praying for you and Lynn as you seek your answers...Door one, two, three, or four?

Rachael Curry said...

I've been waiting hours for someone else to post the second comment so I didn't have to, but alas, they didn't and I'm getting sleepy. My bravery to post won't last until morning so... here goes.

Based on the life that I have had, and what I know of the life that Lynn has had, I know that God does things for a reason despite any knowledge that is given to us. I have screamed, cried, bargained, begged and pleaded to know God's will for my life all along the way. Usually, when I am faced with a decision, I take the logical route. I then have to trust that God has been guiding me. I list the pros and cons, evaluate them prayerfully and then make a logical decision based on the one that seems right. God gave me logic for a reason, right? Unfortunately, I wasn't in line when he was passing out patience so I anxiously wait for the fallout of my decision. Still working on Philippians 4:6-7 :) I think God has given you lots of options because he wants you to be able to choose. You perform your service to God so well that you could do it from a broom closet. I don't think he wants you to be worried or anxious about what is the right decision. I think he wants you to know that you have lots of options because you are such a good teacher and spiritual leader. You have affected my life in a way that I can't begin to explain. He wants to use you to do that for so many more people. Recent events have caused lots of people to get wet on the submarine ride that has already taken place. You may all go in different directions, but he's able to take care of you all. Trust that God has it all worked out and do what you think is best for you and your family. You are the person that God designed you to be, and I am so thankful.