Sunday, July 27, 2008

Benefits of Opposition

Those of you who know me well know that the last 7 months have been full of opposition. I am not going to post what you think I will say but I do have a quote that greatly encouraged and challenged me from John Ortberg.

I have given up the idea that there is an opposition-free church out there. But I have gained something else—an appreciation for the gift of opposition. When it comes, I learn something about my motives. When it comes, I get to test my courage. When it comes, the truth about my humility (or lack thereof) is revealed. When it comes, blind spots get exposed that would otherwise do damage. When it comes, I am given the opportunity to grow strong. When it comes, I discover that I am the opposition in more lives than I ever would have guessed.

And then I meet the force stronger than any opposition. The force that can call opponents a brood of vipers. The force that can also forgive opponents because "they know not what they do." In opposition, there is grace.

John Ortberg is editor at large of Leadership and pastor of Menlo Park (CA) Presbyterian Church.

You can tell he has pastored for a while. Pray that all this will be true of me!


BJ Buracker said...

Hey Ken,

Am I to understand this as you think the opposition in this case is a brood of vipers, to use the language of the quote?


Stupid Scholar

Ken Cross said...

BJ - As I understand the quote the "Force" stronger than any opposition, that can call opponents a brood of vipers and pray to the Father to forgive them is JESUS.

I was not trying to use the quote to make accusations of my opposition but that does prompt me to look at the words of Jesus to see it those words do apply. I will let you know. Ken