Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Yes it was a great day!

July 5th, or the second "4th of July" this year, was a stupendous day with our immediate family, my nephew Wil Cross and his beautiful bride Ashley. Wil and Ashley live in Charlotte and I had the privilege to perform their wedding less that 2 years ago. Wil is working as an engineer for John Deere and Ashley is in nursing School after finishing a degree in industrial design from GA Tech. Both very bright people.
Ashley got up skiing for the first time - not long - but she got up. Wil looked like a pro. When Rebekah finally got to tube we heard thunder and headed into shore and watched the rain = can't complain about rain ever these days! Then it rained until about 8:30 PM while we taught Wil and Ashley the great board game, "Settlers".
Fireworks were scheduled for 9:20 PM about a mile or two up the lake, actually right in front of the pool that Margaret lifeguards. God stopped the rain, we got in the boat and saw a great show while Lynn uuhed and awwed. We were so close that we felt pieces of the shells fall on our heads! Lynn says that 4th of July is her favorite holiday because of the spectacle of the flotilla of boats, the lights, the great fireworks all reflecting off the water. But all that is second to having  good friends and family in the boat.
15 minutes after we returned home it began raining again.
If you are reading this and live close enough join us next year, we might need you to bring a boat, but join us anyway!
The picture in this post is a picture of a picture that is hanging in Wil's parent's home. It is of Katie and her 2 cousins (Wil and BJ) long ago at the beach. Wil is the one in the headlock!

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