Thursday, July 17, 2008

Owning your Sin

I started reading a new book today by Paul Tripp, WHITER THAN SNOW. It is a series of devotions on Psalm 51. 

Here is just one paragraph (p. 22): "Here's the point. Before you can ever make a clean and unamended confession of your sin, you have to first begin by confessing your righteousness. It's not just your sin that separates your from God; your righteousness does as well. Because, when you are convinced you are righteous, you don't seek the forgiving, rescuing, and restoring mercy that can be found only in Jesus Christ." 

Here is a sports article about Josh Hamilton, who just put on a great display at the home run derby in the last All Star game in the house the Ruth built. I didn't get to see it because we don't have TV hooked up but this article was a perfect illustration of the paragraph above.

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