Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My dentist Experience

Tuesday I went to he dentist because I had a sore and maybe a lose filling. Today almost $3,000 later I have 2 crowns, a synthtic filling and a sore mouth.

I also found out that when I was 12 and had that silver put into my cavities - it was a mistake. Did you know that the silver will eventually break you teeth? It expands and contracts and when you get my age it cracks your teeth and you pay to have it removed.
So you pay to have it put in and you pay big bucks to have it removed. I know there is many spiritual applications of this that apply but you will have to help me think of them because right now my mouth hurts.

More extra-strenght tylenol please - I can still hear the drill. (It was a great dentist and the crowns were in and done in 2 hours - no temporal stuff at all - but it is never enjoyable!)

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