Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Faucet has OPENED!

Today I found out from MNA (the Church Planting arm of our denmination, Mission to North America) that I have my first supporter! MNA does the bookkeeping for free and allows people to give and get receipts for tax deductions! 
Many folks have said they would support us in the grand adventure of starting a church from scratch in Charlotte, but now someone actually signed up with a pledge and $. It is very encouraging.
Last night I met with two dear couples that both said they would invest in this gospel adventure with us. Tonight I met with a session (board of elders) of a small church that has ministered to my family during this transition, they are considering allowing us to be one of their church planting missionaries!
Pray with and for us please.
If you would like to invest, I would love to talk with you or if you wish you can read how to support us by going to the church plant website.
Next week I meet with the national MNA committee in Atlanta. They want to hear about this church plant, my story of church planting and why I would consider doing it again. Evidently there are very few that plant a second church after pastoring one for 15 years like I have. You already knew I was strange! So, now they will know too! They also will officially endorse me. I don't know if I will get a badge or what. At least a free meal that I drive 6 hours to eat! Hopefully, I will be able to meet with other churches in Georgia that might be able to help. There is a common theme here - pray.

But let me tell you about some answers to prayer - we had our first gathering of interested folks considering being a part of the core group. Some were so eager that they joined up on our first meeting - my family (YEA - aren't you glad, I know of some pastor's families that are not supportive - I am blessed.), My Asst. Pastor's family and a young family with a 2 week old little girl. So we will have a baptism soon!

Our next meeting will be Sept. 14th and soon after, we will start evangelistic Bible Studies in the Steele Creek area.

So in many ways the faucet has opened! Pray for a flood!

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