Saturday, September 20, 2008


You have heard of the "seal of approval" - I think the most famous one is Pillsbury. This week I met with the elected Mission the North America (MNA) committee of my denomination, the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). How is that for alphabet soup! This approval is basically saying that they whole-heartedly encourage anyone and everyone to get behind this church planting effort.

It actually was a great experience to speak before the whole staff, committee and guest about my walk as a pastor/church planter/believer. Men from all over the country interviewed, approved and laid hands on me as they prayed for my soul, fund raising, and the future of Advent Presbyterian. It is so encouraging knowing that these men have promised to pray for this adventure of faith! 


soccermpc24 said...

aww this is exactly what i have been praying for you about! i love you and miss you dad! -Mo

Steven said...

Brother Ken:

PRAISE THE LORD! I can only imagine what an encouragement that was after this somewhat long drought. Can't wait to hear more and more of how God is going to use you - Deborah

Steven said...

But where is Steel Creek??? Deborah