Thursday, September 25, 2008

Renewing Vows

Last night I had the privilege of saying, "By the authority vested in me by the Presbyterian Church and this small group, I pronounce that you continue to be husband and wife till death due you part!  You may kiss your bride!"
The 25th wedding anniversary of John and Debbie was celebrated with their small group, a small group I originally lead (for 2 weeks) and then the Musselwhites took over. One of the best groups I have ever been a part.
It was romantic, a surprise, tux, original wedding dress that still fit, great food, a new necklace, good friends and a covenant was renewed! I think this kind of event is wonderful. We renew our covenant when we take the Lord's Supper = "We will be your people, you are our God! You provided all, we receive in faith." By faith John and Debbie are repeating what they said 25 years ago to the day.
Enjoy the pictures.

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