Thursday, September 4, 2008

Pledge Card

Someone wanted me to post this here for those interested.

Advent Presbyterian Church Plant

MINISTRY OF KEN CROSS – Steele Creek (Charlotte), NC

Yes, I (we) would like to express my (our) intent to pledge 

support to Advent Presbyterian Church Plant and to MNA by:

o PRAYER:  I (we) would like to pray for the development 

of this ministry and for the hearts of people to be 

touched by the Gospel.           

o Daily     o Weekly



 One Time Gift of $__________________


 Ongoing pledge of  $___________ 

per _______________ for ________years

          (M)onth, (Q)uarter, (Y)ear   1, 2 ,3 or 4


 Pledge date range:  

Start___________ Month/Year      

End ______________ Month/Year


       o Receive Church Planter prayer letters.  

(Please DO NOT check if you are currently 

receiving the prayer letter)

       o Agree that funds may be advanced to the 

church planter based on the above pledge with 

my (our) understandingthat as I (we) continue 

to give in fulfillment of my (our) pledge, I (we) are 

replenishing to MNA the funds MNA has 

advanced to Ken Cross.



(Title, Mr., Mrs., Ms.)        (First)      (Last Name)






STATE____________________ ZIP___________






DATE ________________


Please make checks payable and mail to:          

  Mission to North America                                           

1700 N. Brown Rd, Suite 101

Lawrenceville, GA  30043                                            

oI would like information on electronic funds giving.

This contribution will be made with the understanding 

that Mission to North America has complete discretion 

and control over the use of all donated funds, to assure 

their use for the intended exempt purposes. 


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Cindy said...

Ken Cross, I'm looking for you. It's me Cindy Cripe formerly known as Cindy Riggio or Leggs!! Remember me?? I can't seem to find you except on these blogs so I thought I would respond and maybe you will contact me. I'm still in California with Dwayne. My email is I hope to hear from you. Your family pictures look great. I can't believe how many kids you have and how they are adults now. Yikes!! I'm getting old or maybe just you are getting old. Ha, ha!