Saturday, September 13, 2008

Oliver's Cross Country Race

Had a great day at Wingate watching Oliver run a 8K Cross Country race. A picnic followed and is was fun to be with my "buddy". Half of the race it looked like Oliver had the longest shoe laces dangling. It was tape, come to find out after the race that he twisted his ankle during the warm-ups. Had it taped and the tape came undone. He still had a personal best for an 8K (oops 10K) of 38:35. Here are a few pictures:

On the way home we pulled a "Belinda" (ran out of gas)! We stopped at a gas station and they were out of gas and before we got to another one - Karen was driving and freaked out. We pulled into a driveway in the country and a kind man gave us a couple of gallons. He would not take a dime for it, his good deed today. What a kind man.

Still a good day! Then we got a distrubing e-mail - that is for another post when I have time to cool down. Pray for me.