Monday, September 8, 2008

You know you are old when ...

A former youth group member from California, I called Leggs, found me after 20 years of not hearing from her by way of a search engine and this blog.  She is 44 and a school board member, mom of 3 and an accomplished business woman. Wow!

She is older than my new asst. pastor!

She is married to another youth group member, Dwayne. I will never forget being on a youth trip with a bus full of young people. It was a "Choir Cruise". At least that is what we called it. A dear friend had the whole youth in a choir and we traveled from San Jose to LA and many points inbetween. In Paso Robles we were saying at a church, hot day and we went swimming in a farm pond. As I was swimming, Dwayne found some neighbor kid's dirt bike and took off. About 200 yards away he stopped, or was stopped by a barbed wire fence. Medical release forms are very important for a youth pastor - and thankfully I was more than prepared. Hundreds of stitches later he rejoined us and kept on going.

Leggs says the scars are still there and his son is just like him - 13 and already has 6 broken arms and a separated shoulder. That is what I call payback!

I am asking for a picture of the family and if I get one I will post it here!

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