Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Last Sunday, (9/21/08) we worshipped at NorthCross Church in Cornelius. I will be preaching there next Sunday and wanted to find out where it was, what God was doing in the midst of these people and to worship. 
When you heart is thirsty, God brings living water. God especially used the printed confession of sin printed in the bulletin. It was read in unison after the sermon and before the last hymn, which was after a wonderful infant baptism - so near the very end. But God has used it in my life in a mighty way. Here it is, I do not know the author.

Heavenly Father, loving King, our thoughts and motives cannot be hidden from your sight.
Our self-pity and pride, our cowardice ands sloth, our anger and envy are laid bare before your eyes and ours. We open ourselves to you and ask that you cover us in Christ. Let us hear your voice saying: His blood is your peace, His death is your freedom, His Spirit is your power.
And let our hearts know that your service is perfect freedom. Amen.

These few lines opened my heart, revealed sin and brought freedom. My goal today is to live in that freedom.


Sondie said...

interesting that self-pity and pride are linked...they do get quite intertwined. How many times do we wallow in self pity when it is our pride that was hurt? Thanks for posting such a great reminder of His freedom that is available if we choose it.

Are you still walking?

Love you much,

Sondie said...

P.S. Walk in freedom, Ken...bask in it!