Sunday, September 14, 2008

Advent Pres Church Plant's Second Gathering

What is a gathering, not a reunion like the old time churches, sometimes called and "in-gathering". Simply the first beginnings of gathering a ministry team to launch this strategic church plant in Steele Creek. Tonight we had 3 families, 4 other interested families could not come for a taco feast, a great challenge by Tim Taylor and prayer time. This was a great time which included the kids singing with us praises to the Lord! The theme for tonight was community, a basic that we are striving for as one of our DNA statements.

I am reminded of the Scripture that says do not dispise the day of small beginnings. Some of the families that are starting this process have come from very large churches, close friends and elaborate structure. Tonight we discussed the need to be known by the Lord and since we are created in his image and he was relational within the Godhead, we are to be known by others. This is scary and good, intimidating and required by Scripture. Will you pray with us, and for us?

PS. Matthew Henry says this about Zecariah 4:  "The exact fulfilment of Scripture prophecies is a convincing proof of their Divine original. Though the instruments be weak and unlikely, yet God often chooses such, to bring about great things by them. Let not the dawning light be despised; it will shine more and more to the perfect day. Those who despaired of finishing the work, shall rejoice when they see Zerubbabel giving directions what to do, and taking care that the work be done. It is a comfort to us that the same all-wise, almighty Providence, which governs the earth, is in particular conversant about the church. All that have the plummet in their hands, must look up to the eyes of the Lord, have constant regard to Divine Providence, act in dependence on its guidance and submission to its disposals. Let us fix our faith on Christ, and view Him carrying on his work according to his own glorious plan, and daily bringing his spiritual building nearer to completion." (Zec. 4:11-14)

PSS. We are praying for 40 more adults to be gathered by Feb. 15th! Pray with us that this is "His work according to His glorious plan".


Jessica said...

Ken - our family is praying for you, and your new adventure. We miss you dearly at SPCA, but know that God has a plan and that plan is for His glory. I love reading your blog and learning about how He is working in your life and the lives of your family members.

God bless! Love, the Fausz family :)

Sondie said...

Very exciting Ken! Sounds like God is creating a mosaic.

B said...

Exciting, isn't it, to see what God is going to do? We are praying and can't wait to be at your first worship service! B.

Tim said...

Becky's gonna have to have a talk with you about that picture

Daniel, Stephanie, Micah, and Elijah Dias said...

Hey Ken,

Finally got a chance to catch up on reading some blogs. Hang in there...we'll pray for growth! It's neat that our families are "pioneering" on different continents at the same time:)